Keeping the bathroom warm this Winter

It’s probably fair to say that nobody likes to experience that cold chill from stepping out of a hot shower into a frosty bathroom. Fortunately, there are various options to warm up your bathroom so you can keep that fuzzy feeling. Here we will look at different ideas to keep you warm and comfortable in your bathroom this Winter.

Underfloor Heating

An energy efficient and effective method of heating your bathroom is to use underfloor heating. There are different systems, namely slab heating and thin film heating, which use either electric cables or hot water pipes, and are suitable for small or large spaces. Slab heating uses off peak electricity or natural gas, while thin film heating uses peak electricity but is more efficient than other electric heaters. Underfloor heating not only heats the floor but also warms the entire room, leaving a balmy temperature. Using a timer, you can save more energy by having the floors heated only when needed. This subtle heating mechanism will leave a lasting impression on users and you will find it hard to walk bare foot on cold tiles again!

Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are the most common type of heating as they are immediately hot when switched on. You will find them mounted on the ceiling combined with lights and an exhaust fan, usually in small bathrooms because of the centralisation of heat around its location. To overcome this problem, additional heat lamps can be installed. Greater efficiency can be achieved by models with temperature controls.

Permanent Heaters

This heating system, also known as strip, bar or radiator heaters, is mounted on the walls. They heat up quickly and produce sufficient heating for a room. Ideal for bigger bathrooms, the electrical wires can be linked to light switches to keep all the controls together. While radiator heaters work safely lower down, bar heaters should be fitted higher up as they emit plenty of heat and consequently, comes a risk of burns.

Heated Towel Rails

What is better than using a dry towel? A warm, dry towel! Heated towel rails are powered by electricity and are designed to dry and warm your towels. The key to maximising the warmth from your heated towel rail is positioning as they release enough heat to pass through the towels to warm the air temperature of your bathroom. Unfortunately this is a slow process, so this product is best suited for smaller bathrooms.

Positive Temperature Coefficient Bathroom Heaters

Looking for a more energy efficient option? A Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater may be for you. The heat is generated by small ceramic stones that once a certain temperature is reached, it will sustain that level of heating – making PTC heaters energy efficient and safe. You can also purchase these heaters combined with energy efficient lights and an exhaust fan.

Tips to run your bathroom heating efficiently

Whether you are heating up a personal bathroom, you can keep it efficient. The foundation is to choose a heater that is an appropriate size for the space. This will prevent the heater from working harder than necessary to produce sufficient or oversupplying heat. Secondly, only have the heating system on when needed – this can be supported by installing a timer to program the required hours.

There are plenty of options available to heat your bathroom safely and efficiently. To make the experience more pleasant, use soft hand towels or a warm hand dryer, consider a set of aroma reeds for a lasting scent. A bathroom or restroom should be a comfortable environment for users and this can be achieved with ease.

by Ruth Newman