Tips for Winter Warmth

Have you noticed that chill in the air? Or the darkness that closes in before you leave the office in the evenings? Winter is upon us.

Here we share some tips to get your house in good shape to efficiently weather our Winter months. With the rising cost of electricity and gas services, there are a number of things you can do to keep those bills at bay.

Reduce drafts: Inspect your exterior for cracks and exposed entry points around pipes, windows and doors. Seal any gaps to ensure you reduce the drafts within your home.

Look at your window coverings: Good quality curtains and blinds that stop cold air coming in and warm air going out are a great investment, and they will help you keep cool in warmer weather too.

Warm the house with gorgeous accessories: Before you turn the heater on this Winter, try getting comfy under a cosy throw rug. Not only do rugs look great, they add extra warmth in winter.

Warm the floors: Flooring like tiles and floorboards can feel colder in Winter. Floor mats not only add style to your house, they retain heat.

Prevent water damage by keeping gutters clear: Removing leaf debris reduces the risk of blocked gutters and down pipes. When heavy rain cannot flow away freely, gutters can overflow causing water damage to ceiling and eaves. By regularly checking your gutters, you help reduce the risk of water damage.

Check your roof: A roof in good condition is more likely to handle extreme weather so it’s good practice to check roof tiles or corrugated sheets for damage. If your roof is tiled, check for deteriorated ridge capping which can separate from the underlying tiles with age. Once repaired, you can reduce the risk of water damage to roofing during wet weather.

What’s your tip for surviving the Winter weather?

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by Ruth Newman