Ruth Newman Architect will help to determine if what you want to achieve is possible, what the regulations, restrictions and obligations are, and how best to use your budget to get the maximum benefit. 

You can expect a team who has the confidence and good relationships with the local government authorities to get your designs approved, as well as access to a reliable team of builders, consultants and certifiers so that you can ultimately get your home transformed just the way you desire.

Take inspiration from some of our portfolio of work below and when you’re ready to see what’s possible for you, book in for a chat where together we will:

• Identify the restrictions in your home with aesthetics, feasibility, and council perspectives in mind, and the impact that these are having upon you and your family.

• Identify what you may have done to make the best use of space, and improve the internal environment in your home to create greater comfort for your lifestyle, and why it’s not working for you.

• Show you what options are available for your budget in an open, honest, and empathetic way, and how we can work together with the support with the local council, builders and consultants to achieve your desired goals for your home.

Book a time to chat about your home