Trends in Residential Architecture and Design in 2014

A number of trends evolved in late 2013 which we expect to continue in 2014.  I’d like to share a few of these trends with you.

  1. Special place to unwind

Increasingly, homeowners are investing in their property to create a sanctuary where they can get away from it all.  Specifically, designating a specific space for tranquil design, a space to relax and unwind.  This is being seen in bathroom design with spa bathrooms to transformations of areas once considered ‘dead space’ like under stairways.

  1. Kitchen focus

In 2014 we’ll see the kitchen as the focal point of the house.  Homeowners often want the position of their kitchen in the centre of an open floor plan, especially as they start to use their kitchen space as a multi-tasking room.  By having the kitchen centred and open with dedicated IT areas, parents can help children with homework, talk or pay bills — all while making meals.

  1.   Sustainable designs

As we continue to see a rise in the cost of living, housing affordability and unpredictable climate conditions, long-term sustainable designs are increasingly desirable. Considerations to best minimise energy consumption such as windows positioned to attract winter sun to heat the home and appropriate eaves and awning design to keep the harsh summer sun out of the house should definitely be considered in your design. A well designed home can considerably reduce energy consumption.

Ruth Newman Architect specialises in Residential design.  We create inspired buildings and environments that bring your design vision to life while being respectful to your budget.  We work with you to explore new boundaries to ensure you get the most from your environment with designs that promote efficiency and solve the problems of space and function.

by Ruth Newman